BROKE ROYALS WAS Not supposed to be a band...



In 2014, Colin Cross broke ground on his recording studio after years as a touring musician. A veteran of the Midwest pop-punk scene, Cross had transplanted to Virginia, where he envisioned a new role for himself as a producer, following in the footsteps of local giants like Pharrell, Timbaland, and Dave Grohl.

To generate business, Cross needed demos to entice potential clients and he invited Philip Basnight, a solo folk singer, to record songs in the new studio. In their first sessions, the musical chemistry was palpable, but neither Cross nor Basnight predicted that their partnership was just beginning.


The musical chemistry was real and the partnership was only just beginning. Cross’s business started to take off as he recorded everything from hip-hop to folk rock, but he and Basnight always seemed to find time to collaborate on new tracks. Before long, what had been a side project took center stage and found a name in Broke Royals.


In just three years, Basnight and Cross have honed a singular sound and toured the country. True to the roots of their earliest moments in the studio, Basnight and Cross continue to find new ways to meld the genres and inspiration that define their “new American rock" sound.


After countless shows and three EPs, Broke Royals has returned from the studio for a fourth time with a full-length album. For their self-titled debut, Broke Royals buried themselves in the mountains of New York with producer John Naclerio at his famed Nada Recording Studio to capture the dynamic evolution of three years of musicianship.


Seamlessly integrating traditional rock with new digital elements, the guitar-driven rock, pop hooks, and Cross’ infectious beats fuse gracefully with Basnight's lyrical narratives. The songs are a mix of fictional and autobiographical stories of young adulthood. Stories about love and loss, hope and fear, and setbacks and perseverance. While the characters found on the album are often lost, or even misguided, they are always moving towards something hopeful. They keep falling up and Broke Royals’ debut album is their victory lap.