Broke Royals never intended to fuel a political revolution with their music. For Philip Basnight and Colin Cross, The Luxury of Time EP Series, embodies the realization of early adulthood that time is a precious commodity. But halfway across the world, as a military coup overcame Thailand’s people in May of 2014, its citizens heard Broke Royals’ debut single, “About Time”, through different, more political ears. When the song went viral in the midst of Thailand’s political coup, Basnight and Cross realized that what had begun as a personal musical undertaking between two friends was now something closer to universal. 

Basnight and Cross have been playing music together since early 2014, elevating each other’s talents from every angle. As the owner of Unkempt & Overcaffeinated Studios, Colin has been able to help transform Basnight’s prolific songwriting into richly layered, energetic, and stirring tracks. Based in DC, they tour the East Coast extensively - having shared the stage with Lynyrd Skynyrd, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, Car Seat Headrest, Real Estate and Life in Film.